is a consultancy business born out of digital thinking with
15 years of media &
marketing experience
across various media channels.
The Detonator Team boasts significant knowledge having worked
in radio, billboards, television and consumer magazines and 6 years of working with some of the biggest brands in the digital world.
Our team's background includes the privilege
of monetising the likes of these global heavyweights
As well as the following category
leading South African brands like
Our mission is to
drive value, engagement,
reach and impact
to our advertising partners,
connecting them with the most relevant and influential
audiences by delivering results to a brands objectives.
What we do
Position Brands
in the digital world
We leverage technology based platforms with our core strength's being in-game advertising, digitally replaced perimeter billboard advertising in sporting environments, performance media and lead generation, digital media, social media management and seeding content to influencers - all helping brands to connect and engage with quality consumers, at the right time.
We monetize media platforms
our role is to be the detonator for content, stories,
video's, banners, messages, twitter handles & hashtags
for our clients.
Our services include
Media sales representation
Commercial Strategy for
digital media assets
Social Media
Sports Mobile Applications
Performance Media & Lead Generation
Who we work for

Detonator Media is the Sales Partner for Sub-Saharan Africa for Supponor - a world leading technology that digitally replaces global sports perimeter billboards with local brands in live TV feeds, called DBRLive. Currently, we can package this media type in football leagues like Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga with tests ongoing in rugby, formula one, cricket and the English Premier League for 2015.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Detonator Media is in a consulting sales partnership with Media Union for various Cape Town based clients.
Media Union is a South African performance based digital media sales house geared towards helping our clients achieve their core business objectives. In collaboration with leading digital platforms we offer real results and value to our clients.

Releaze is a global marketing and technology company that transforms businesses in the age of the digital mobile revolution. Through collaboration and alliences with key stakeholders we support the complexities & perspectives of change. Releaze creates connected experiences that are customer centric, meeting the customer now and beyond into the future.

BabaLove is South Africa's new premier one stop online baby registry and shop. They have exclusive products in their online baby registry and cater for the excited working parent to be by offering quality brands and expert advice. Detonator Media is the digital media partner and handles all paid search, social media management, digital PR and advertising. Shop online with them at and follow them on Twitter @BabaLoveShop

Detonator Media is also the Exclusive Sales Partner for Africa for Console Platform Media - the world's leading in-game advertising network accessing connected gamers via their XBOX, PlayStation, laptop or mobiles with dynamic in-game advertising.

Overboard Africa sells and distributes waterproof accessories with a product range including phone cases, duffel bags, backpacks, camera and mp3 cases. Detonator Media manages the digital elements of the business including eCommerce, all social media, advertising and promotions, assisting in growing this brand across the African continent. Follow them on Twitter @OverboardAfrica or become a fan on Facebook on
. Keep it Dry!

The most progressive business media brand in the world, Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

With engaging narratives as informative as they are entertaining, Fast Company motivates fans to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead proactively, and most importantly, embrace change.

Visit for more info publishes audio from local and interna5onal radio sta5ons, podcasts and audio books for you to listen desktop, via mobile or tablets. There are hundreds of fresh episodes published daily from over 100 providers with over 700 audio channels. Our pla@orm gives clients access to short audio ads embedded in content delivered to our users - is the digital companion for broadcast radio. Visit for more info

Associated Media Publishing (AMP) is the leading independent publisher of women's media brands in South Africa, producing the successful and respected local and international titles Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding, Marie Claire, House and Leisure and Woman on Wheels.

Visit for more info